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The following images are a few examples of prints I have for sale on another site. By the way, I’m telling you now that it’s a lot cheaper to buy an unframed print on this site. You can get one for around twenty bucks! They do have canvas prints and framed prints for a lot more than the unframed print, which you could easily frame yourself with a youtube framing tutorial.

The canvas prints are really, really nice though…You can see a bigger picture and get prices on some of these by clicking on the image of choice. At the bottom of the list there is also a link to my profile on this site where I sell these prints. The site is called Imagekind.

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Click on Images to See Prints

^Wax Maiden


^Underground City

^The Principle of Chaotic Bliss

^If We Survive Long Enough, We Might be Able to Contact Other Systems


^Lucky 7

^Lines that Divide and Separate Space

^Roundabout Turnstyle


^Invisible Flower


See All my Other Pieces on ImageKind Here

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