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“The future rewrites itself over and over again every time you find meaning, understanding, or balance, and share it with others.” -yessickart

Awe2u is a site made for you to give you something wonderful and inspiring to look at and explore as opposed to the continual negativity and static information given to you through society’s false lens.

Here at Awe2u, we know that you/yourself are actually really, really awesome, and we want you to grow in a good way. The point of this site is to inspire people by sharing happy, interesting, sometimes mysterious, and always awe-inspiring vibes “2U” in a concise, navigable, and easy to understand format.

Awe definition: an overwhelming feeling of reverence, admiration, fear, etc., produced by that which is grand, sublime, extremely powerful, or the like: from dictionary.com

For us, Awe is a bright energy to be absorbed and manifested through the experiences of life, beauty, art, music, passion, and love; all in their highest forms. The posts that I write, as well as posts that others are welcome to share, are things that are truly positive in nature. They are awesome things that we all may draw inspiration from at times. You may send a miracle here.

Awe also comes just as naturally (and as easily) as the first 3 letters that are located in close proximity to each other on the left side of your phone or computer keypad. In fact, we actually chose these letters on purpose in order to make finding Awe2u.com easier for you. Plus, Awe is a cool word, we think… We also hope that this simple name and keyboard key orientation allows you to direct others to this awesome site more easily, too.

We hope that the promulgation of miracles becomes more and more widespread, as opposed to negative, banal, and fear based programming taken from a false and distorted dream of society (in the current state of affairs, at least). Perhaps in these times, it is best that we don’t give more attention than is necessary to the random acts of violence in our society anymore (imho). They get way too much press. Let’s talk about all the little miracles that are happening around us all of the time, instead. Let’s just simply concentrate on the good things (big or small) that make life beautiful, perhaps rather than programming and cluttering our minds with a continual stream of lies, fear, and hate.

Put good things in your head to get good things out, in other words. The continual stream of negativity and static information I am talking about is something which I like to view as what could be seen as just many, many, many voices all screaming as loud as they can at the same time. What the book The Four Agreements: A Practical Guide to Personal Freedom (A Toltec Wisdom Book) calls the “mitote” (which, this book is highly recommended reading for anyone dealing with any type of psychological stress).

Please share any of the posts on this site in your social media. Please share them if you find them to be an inspiration to you by using the share buttons. You are Awesome. Awe2u really means: “Awe to you!” because we want everybody to look for the silver lining in everything, and we also want to help people find new ways to better understand experience, life, truth, and beauty while they are still on this planet. Plus, it gives you cool stuff to talk about in real life situations.

“The house is on fire, so let us warm ourselves.” -Well known saying


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Humble Musings of a Living Artist

Just simply believing in, accepting, and encouraging someone or something is extremely powerful; far more powerful than trying to change them to suit your own preferences. Just find someone who is alive to believe in and just support them. Instead of pointing fingers. Acceptance is the first step to understanding. Your own experience of the world is only a reflection of yourself. Take a low information diet. Believe me, it’s just simply fantabulous, and you’ll never have to worry ever again about stuff you have no control over whatsoever.

The world will be a better place with more positive energy and less negative thought out there. You have no idea how powerful it is when someone truly believes in you. Build someone else up rather than tearing down another. It makes all the difference in the world. To someone it means everything. You can influence an individual in a good way today just from the little things you do. Make the little things count. Be free. Just be happy. Me, I’m just a lil white guy that still has faith in humanity. I try to take a lil of the best from everything.

On a Further Note

I really feel like what goes around comes around, and I also believe in the power of chaos. I think that if you put good things in your head you get good out. That happy thoughts create happy realities. Because what you think and how you think is your only true reality. That you can’t find happiness in a box on your wall.

There are some good souls left. Find the ones that make you happy and stick with them. You also have to know how to cut people off as many of you are well aware. Wherever you are, you are what is missing. The best conversationalists are the best listeners. If someone has something to say you have to know when to listen. Talking should feel natural. And sometimes the best things in life just happen. Life hits a certain way and you just have to let it resonate and follow the flow.

You should be aware of good and bad vibes and know the difference. You have to know when to hold or fold; you should really maybe try to put a lot of consideration and conscious thought to those who you resonate with so that you can make a well thought out decision; for real, ya’ll this is extremely important. You also have to take everything with a grain of salt because nobody is perfect, unless it’s a dream, which it very well could be; at least I hope it is like that for you. In this lifetime for sure.

On Miracles

Hope is all we have, and hope is the only way true miracles can happen. Life itself is such a wonderful and mysterious miracle, yet society continually wants to devalue it. There are miracles happening all around us all of the time. Even the smallest things can be miracles, you just have to notice them. We have to think about their beauty and significance, perhaps rather than cluttering our minds with the continual tragedy, criminality, and confrontational aspects of our programming. Take a step back and find meaning in this world. Put 2 and 2 together. Smiling is contagious. Keep your faith in the good souls of our humanity. We are here for a reason. Balance, harmony, peace, happiness and <3.

Together, We Can Make Miracles The Hottest Topic of Today

The good souls and those who still believe in miracles should have a voice. That’s why I made this site. And that’s also why I am inviting you to send a miracle so that it can be shared with the world… What is your favorite miracle? The world really wants to know… We believe in you.

Also, I will let you know which posts are creative commons. This one isn’t one, however. You can use the share buttons to share anything on this site. Feel free to do just that. 🙂

Our farmers work miracles!

And even the smallest miracles can change the world!

Think of how paying it forward could really make a difference, and how kindness can really have a butterfly effect:

You make someone’s day, and they go out and make everybody else happy, then they make their people happy, and so on…

Love grows, ya’ll…

It’s almost like a paradox, or something…
This video explains what we mean by that.

Thanks again!

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