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Pessoa poem:

“The moon is high up in the sky and it’s spring.
I think of you and within myself I’m complete.

A light breeze comes to me from across the hazy fields.
I think of you and whisper your name. I’m not I: I’m happy.

Tomorrow you’ll come and walk with me and pick flowers in
the fields.
And I’ll walk with you in the fields watching you pick

I already see you tomorrow picking flowers with me in the
But when you come tomorrow and really walk with me and
pick flowers,
For me it will be a joy and a novelty.”

6 July 1914 Fernando Pessoa

from this book:

A Little Larger Than the Entire Universe: Selected Poems

Pessoa is a Portugese national hero.
All of his work was published after he died.
He used to sit and drink coffee,
At a table at a certain cafe in Portugal.
Later on, they built a bronze statue there of him
sitting there, thinking, and making some sort of
gesture with his hands.

Pretty cool.

A beautiful book of poetry for romantics.
Recommended for anyone who loves beauty and love…

This Little Larger than the Entire Universe book is the book that I like. It’s so, well, poetic. I mean it’s just beautiful writing. He used to write to his love, Lydia…

More on Pessoa

He also used to write with pseudonyms, and this book has examples of all of these. I especially like Alberto Caeiro, one of his characters used to write romantic poems. I love this book! It’s amazing! No wonder he’s a Portugese national hero. His writing is amazing and breathtaking.

See all Pessoa Books on Amazon.

He just uses simple things, metaphors, things like flowers and stones, to show you another vision of the world’s beauty. His work amazes me.

Like one day I remember in Nashville at Cafe Coco, reading this book outside. You know what it feels like when the weather is perfect, and you feel good, and there is a little nice light breeze? Well, having this book made that experience so much more real and well, beautiful, to me. Being outside made it even that more beautiful.

Pessoa Loved Nature

I feel like you should read his poetry in nature, because it is all about nature, and what he says has true meaning. He almost teaches you a new way of understanding your own world.

Maybe good for outdoors trips and trips to coffee shops on a pretty day in spring. He used to sit outside of a coffee shop in Portugal, Lisbon to be exact, and write.

His work was published posthumously but lives on forever in these books!

Pessoa Poem

Here’s another Pessoa Poem:

The clouds are dark
But toward the south
A scrap of sky
Is sadly blue.

So too in the mind,
Which has no answer,
A scrap remembers
That the heart exists.

This scrap is what
We know as the truth
Of eternal beauty
Beyond what is.


Thanks.. For reading these Pessoa Poem examples…<3 🙂

Peace, or…

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