Pen and Ink Drawings Book: One Artist’s Amazing Drawings

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Pen and Ink Drawings Book: One Artist’s Amazing Drawings is a full collection of every tidbit of drawing that Steven Yessick had put together at the time the book was published.

Many of the drawings are line drawings, and were made with a straight edge.

A lot of this art was used as therapy.

A basic pen was used to craft the drawings. Pen and Ink Drawings Book by Steven Yessick gives you a good comprehensive view into the mind of @yessickart.

Here’s a preview of the book:

And here’s what the paperback looks like:

You can get the paperback (which is recommended) here:

Pen and Ink Drawings; Pen Drawings: One Artist’s Amazing Drawings: Collected and Assembled from the Matrix of Reality

The reason why is is assembled from the matrix of reality was because many of these drawings were drawn at live music events and shows.

The pen and ink drawings may be at times, a little rough around the edges. However, they were done impromptu, and as @yessickart says, the best things just happen sometimes. 🙂

More on The Pen and Ink Drawings book

Pen and Ink Drawings were, for Steven Yessick, a good way to get a number of ideas across in a straightforward format… Ranging in nature from the abstract, to a simplified language of visionary architecture, these pen drawings capture the essence of design, art, and purely awesome imagination by Steven Yessick, a.k.a. @yessickart.

Many were also drawn around people and friends to portray a sense of the collective unconscious of moment and place. Experiences and experiencing life play a major role in this artist’s journey through creating his own work.

More on the Pen and Ink Drawings book

With this book, you will get a glance at the mysterious power of the pen when it is placed in the hands of a quite talented artist. This Pen and Ink Drawings book by Steven Yessick is a comprehensive display of the experiences of life, beauty and art. Everything is all captured in the raw format of pen and ink drawings now available in this magnificent and easy to navigate visual format.

This book was a chance to put many drawings out there that have a lot to do with Architecture. Many of them just are lines, but there are many other types of drawings. A lot of them look cool, too. Also, there is hand-written free verse on some of the pages, which looks really good, too.

So, check the pen and ink drawings book..


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