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Sievn's Sicky Nuzy (Nu Nuzy)

My newest Books: Famous Digital Artist Vol 1 and Vol 2 <--see previews of each volume (Free Downloads of Both Books on Kindle only March 9th-March 13th 2018 only!)

My "Loopy Hearts, Diamond Flowers, and Automatic Writings" Book coming out Late March 2018 <--preview here

Nuest: Yessickart Complete Paintings (1999-2018) Book Just released! See preview!

Hey, check it out, back in the day, I used to run this site called

and now

there is a gallery called Frequency Arts

in which I recently participated

in a group show

on Friday the 5th of January

One of the pieces I put in the show was this one:

I call it Ocean with Nine Spirals

I put another smaller one, too, I call Chaos.

More Photos from the Show:

More by @yessickart

Also, I am working on a book of my Complete Paintings 2000-2018, which I plan to release

The day of my solo show with Endelouz, Ashley and the X’s, and more

at Frequency Arts on Feb 16th 2018…

And The Complete Steven Yessick Paintings Book will be free for one day only (the day after the Free Show with Damien Crisp 3-9-2018 at Frequency Arts (in which I am participating (I am giving away some loop drawings (not the Loopy ladies, but maybe some mixed media loops, and some Loopy Hearts (my latest loop book project)))).

So, the Complete Paintings book will be free on the 10th of March only, that’s a Saturday…

so you get to see a ton of my work at my show Feb 16th at Frequency Arts, some dating back to 2002.

This latest piece I call the Ghost Guitarist will be in the Feb 16th show at Frequency Arts:

Which is still drying.

I finished it yesterday.

And also, in April,

I am putting a piece in

The Crash Pad, a really nice hostel in Chattanooga

behind the front desk for the whole month.

I’m planning on doing a geometric or semi geometric composition based on mandalas with bright colors, and intense contrast…

So, check that out, too.

More coming in March, too.

The 2nd Incline Art Crawl, in which I plan to participate, is in March, too.

And then another show in April as I work with The Road in a presentation of how I sometimes use my art as therapy.
Along with others dealing with such things as eating disorders, and other ways people use art to heal themselves.

At this show, I will be displaying the Loopy Ladies Drawings from Steven Yessick’s Loopy Ladies Book:

and some Yessickloops original Drawings from this book:

That’s in April at The Barking Legs Theater.

So I have a lot going on next year.

I also have a show in July, the month of my 40th birthday, at Swine Gallery in Chattanooga. So I will be there, too, with a ton of new work.

And come say hi, and see these works in person if you want.

Cool vibes, man, too.

Ok Peace and Flowers
and Veritas
and Make Art
and all
good things
under the
the progress of the The Queen of the Loopy Ladies followed by a few beautiful babes and some more art:

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