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My newest Books: Famous Digital Artist Vol 1 and Vol 2 <--see previews of each volume

My "Loopy Hearts, Diamond Flowers, and Automatic Writings" Book coming out Late March 2018 <--preview here

Nuest: Yessickart Complete Paintings (1999-2018) Book Just released! See preview!

Nonchalance. A gargantuan tear in the universe.

A cross ray enterprise nocturnal and divided.

Creations among beauty rhythm dynasty enrapture.

A light air smile lingering challenge, and an outcropping of fate and the balance of the system as it reworks innuendo.

A sort of cold stare beacon of shining horizons and simple solutions.

Effortless to a safe place sound mesmerizes.

Fun wreak smile kiss safety grows, sane energy togetherness in and apart from the system which it has become in a moment of suspense.

In a sign says linger on each note as if it were the last.

Corn meal tossing in a suit and tie.

Come together, with paper frolicking, move to the center…

A soft spoken dialect inferno with a glance, stare backwards, into the depths of the horizontal wall pattern post it note to do list heart smitten energy rewoven…

Opulent textures, meandering flicker…

A side elegance decipher music at a standstill, rewoke, and dignified, and abrupt in pause.

Beer shoe energy light-bringer solidify.

Decadence and the after-flux.

A rewritten free verse.

How to Be More Creative: Simple Steps To Success Through the Power of Creativity

by @yessickart

And here’s one of my best poetry books:

Vinrosevortex: Poetry 2009-2011 …with Recently Released Art and Writing from 2017..

and here’s a preview of the Kindle version of that poetry book. It’s called Vinrosevortex.

Bob Ross Chia Pet (learn more)

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How to Be More Creative: Simple Steps To Success Through the Power of Creativity

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