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Along perimeter byways screeches
infinite car stretches. Sun blooming.
Negativity fills mainstream tunnel visions.
Puffed smoke clouds air swirl constantly.
Bobbing and weaving swiftly through corridors…
Moving slower next lane over,
mainstream music blasts through some flow grow speakers.
Deep jungle garages stack blue cars upon striped ones.

Upon arrival a secretary soft hair pantsuit paperwork holder
information passer, message sender, hallway leader,
with a greet smile linger meet…
Onward, where coffee fingers grip porcelain sweetness.
Tilt leans inwards; new liquids added:
tinctures of Jim Beam bathroom hidings stealthily interwoven.

Today’s poignant redundancies shining through in work layers.
Computer mindset glasses wearer begins journeys, passages
to finality in the five o’clock hour. Minute counting,
chair sitting, hand moving, thinking partially about
afternoon transportation dilemmas, and what’s for dinner.
Spouse’s mysterious beauty blinds: his only true incentive.

Origami desk flower motions smile his mind.
Workflow collaborations; stack pile delving togetherness.
Moving papers across boundaries; concentrations in artificial programming patterns that
move just about everyone.
At least that’s how it is nowadays.
Which is how he has two Beamers and a big house in the burbs.

Steven Yessick

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