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Buy Bob Ross Chia Pet head here. You remember the fro? Well, Bob Ross is back on TV now, and tons of people are watching him almost everyday.

Isn’t is Awesome how he makes the blank canvas come to life with his paintbrush, a little know-how, and some oil paint?

Well, buy Bob Ross Chia Pet head here:

Chia Pet Bob Ross

I mean, your friends and colleagues will definitely get a kick. All you do is spread the seeds on the head, add a little water, and watch it grow; like a fro, man, it’s cool. 🙂

Bob Ross is known for just dabbing paint, and using simple brushstrokes to make magnificent landscapes. He makes landscapes and buildings look like magic. He makes it look so easy!

Watch Bob Ross’s Hair grow as he goes throughout the eighties. He looked like James Dean when he was a kid, but his fro just kept on growin. Just like ^this Chia pet.

Here’s the Amazon Video Joy of Painting, so you can check the fro, and the art!

Bob Ross The Joy of Painting

Here’s a video of him painting clouds:

But you guys want to buy Bob Ross Chia Pet head here, right?

Here it is

Chia Pet Bob Ross

You will get a kick!

Buy Bob Ross Chia Pet head and info about Ross

Bob Ross – The Joy of Painting was aired for 11 years on PBS, from 1983-1994. Wow. Bob Ross did really good as an artist. His original paintings are worth around $9000. He did around like, 30,000 paintings in his life. He was only 52 when he died. Bob Ross died of lymphoma. He prob smoked. Ugh.

It only took him an hour to do each painting, but please be patient, it takes between 4-6 weeks for his Chia Afro to grow, and then you can enjoy the fro more thoroughly. 🙂

Hey, you guys, now he’s an internet celeb:

Here’s his youtube channel

and here’s his official website

He has been featured on other shows like Family Guy and Boondocks.

He was in the military for 20 years. The air force, and he was a Master Sargent when he retired. He took painting classes in there. When he got out of the military, he vowed never to raise his voice again. That’s why he’s so quiet when he talks in his show.

He got uncomfortable with the fro later on in his career, but decided to keep it because people just loved the fro. Just like you guys will in a few weeks if you buy Bob Ross Chia Pet head here. 🙂 I promise, you and your friends will get a kick out of it! Plus, it makes a really cool gift for a Bob Ross fan you know!

It’s awesome! Awe to you!

Chia Pet Bob Ross

Buy Bob Ross Chia Pet head here^

Sooooo funny!

Anyways, have fun, and check out all the links I put on here! Hope you enjoy your Bob Ross Chia Pet Head!

Hey, did you know that they also have a Bob Ross Board game?

Bob Ross The Art of Chill Board Game

Check it out!

Thanks! 🙂

Bob Ross Chia Pet (learn more)

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