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My newest Books: Famous Digital Artist Vol 1 and Vol 2 <--see previews of each volume

My "Loopy Hearts, Diamond Flowers, and Automatic Writings" Book coming out Late March 2018 <--preview here

Nuest: Yessickart Complete Paintings (1999-2018) Book Just released! See preview!

Meet Billy El.


seers signed sounds sordid energy.

Billy in a third eye moment.

Seeing future relaxation ceremonies…

Chip pieces chin beard collect;

soda myth syrup cup into straw mouth gatherings.

Recollect approximate TV show hour in third mind’s eye.

Beautiful graceful singers resonate in flux divinities.

Viewer channel popcorn eater says:

“sounds like syrup!”

With cigar puff scenery bloom backyard flower garden tomato sauce and salsa maker.

Onion layer collector.

Vision quest seeker.

Tuned to appropriate channels.

In the heartbeat and the rhythm of a green light energy and wellspring offering source.

Of which everyone has a respective place.

Bob Ross Chia Pet (learn more)

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