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The Sacredness of the feminine

My me too post: I think a lot of the reason women have become targets for abuse in this age is because there we have lost the sacredness of the feminine in every aspect of culture. Did you know that in ancient Europe, (in B.C. times, yall), women held all the power? And most men were devalued. Think about it for a sec.. Most people nowadays worship a dude. The healing moon man maybe??? A lunar lover at one with the feminine??

“In The Da Vinci Code, author Dan Brown repeatedly points to “the sacred feminine.” His unfounded and baseless theory is that Jesus’ mission was to father children through Mary Magdalene, thereby producing a “royal” bloodline. According to Brown, Mary Magdalene was the “holy grail” that carried Jesus’ blood, and Mary Magdalene was Jesus’ intended leader of the Christian church. It was the patriarchal disciples and early church that “demoted” Mary, denied the sacred feminine, and instituted a patriarchal caricature of Jesus’ intention for Christianity.”

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Did you know that ancient feminine centered religions thought that you could see the Triple Goddess in the Grain of Wood? They tried to do away with this tidbit of knowledge in the mid Christianity era.

To learn more about how the sacred feminine can heal society look here:

The Divine Feminine Explained

Did you know they burned women at stake for more than 500 years for simply worshiping a Goddess?

Answers to this question and the Sacredness of feminine

In Greek Mythology, Hecate was the main Goddess, a wise, knowing Goddess who expresses a lifetime of experience in a small expression.

How did men come into control?

The reason why men gained the power back was because they controlled the technology. In Rome, they built roads. That was a huge turning point. The reason why the men wanted control was because men were ritually sacrificed a lot in those ancient female centered Religions.

how to make a change?

Now there is the potential to have the best of both worlds. With women having a larger role in society today, we now have female leaders. On social media, and in life and work there are women leaders everywhere. People listen to them. They have a voice. Maybe this eventually will make all the difference. And men will have their place, too.

And by reintroducing the sacred feminine into culture, we can heal ourselves and our society… We will focus on helping and healing others and the Earth rather than on base things like greed and personal power.

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