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One time after I hadn’t eaten for three days, I walked up to a lady in what seemed like a big crowd of people and told her it had been a few days since I had eaten and she bought me two sausage biscuits. Another time a lady gave me 100 dollars and a taxi ride to a hotel outside of D.C. but I walked back to Georgetown because I wanted to keep the money. It was a long walk. Good scenery though. I explored so many different places. Spent a fair amount of time in NashvilIe, saw tons of music including everything from the rowdy stuff to symphonies. I remember looking for socks in L.A. for days on end. Went to the L.A. Contemporary Art Museum there and saw Cy Twombley. And then walked around the Gehry Opera house there while it was under construction. Om I went to the first Phish show after the hiatus but I lost all my i.d. at the show. One time I walked down Pennsylvania Avenue in D.C. in the middle of the street at four in the morning barefoot. Once I slept under some bushes in one of those roundabouts. One time I was riding the subway and I saw a girl and then when I got off the subway, I was looking for a safe place to sleep and I walked up to this building and I saw the same girl as I saw on the subway in the mural on the side of the building. Then I went to the Getty Center and saw Cezanne. Then I slept at the bottom of some steps next to the subway with one eye open. Spent a lot of time on Marta. Those stations in midtown and downtown are works of art in themselves. One time I was on the street in Miami beach during a tropical storm hiding from the storm with a lady carrying a half gallon of milk. The morning after the storm was serene and mysteriously beautiful. Just like it is when you are sitting atop the vast expanse of the ocean after having weathered a storm and there is the sunrise and a slight mist of rain droplets hitting the calm water. Other times I just sat in bars and clubs and ordered water, just for a place to chill. Sometimes I danced. One time in Asheville I slept in a storage bin during the day and camped out at the coffeeshop all night. People were so nice to me there. I’ve seen so much live music that I bleed it. I have done just about everything I could ever have wanted to do in this life. I have been so many places and seen the world from all sides, social statuses, philosophies, etc… Met people from all walks of life. Flown to hella other countries. I have come to understand life as just a jumbled mess. And I have made it out of this perpetual chaotic bliss and freedom (so far) alive and in good health. I am so fortunate. I now just want to lay low and just kinda stay safe and away from what the world has become. Damn I have done it all. I’m so glad I made the decision to live my life, and not work a 9-5 job everyday. More like 8-all night a lot of times is what I avoided. I mean I got some good work years in there. Now I think I’m just going to do my own thing. Which is so great. Anyways. Now I can sleep whenever I want. 🙂 Knowing when to hold em and when to fold em has gotten me a long way.

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