Steven Yessick’s Loopy Ladies Book

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Steven Yessick’s Loopy Ladies: Pen and Pencil Feminine Figurative Drawings Made with Loops

This book is full of funny and interesting drawings done primarily in pencil. There are a few color renderings at the end.

This is some really fun, funny, and interesting stuff to peruse. I mean it’s not hard to look at. You just sorta casually scroll through the drawings on your phone or tablet. You are sure to get a kick! I promise! They are funny! Ha! Ok well here’s the link^ to the #freebook #freedownload get a copy while it’s still free! Only for the next 24 hours or so. So, I dunno… Get it free while you can! Only Free Until Fri 1-05-2018 at 11pm est. And tell somebody or share this post!. Thanks. Enjoy.

Here are some examples:

Hope you enjoyed the samples.

Loopy Ladies book is cool.

Download it here…

The loopy ladies are a collection of drawings which started with me drawing simple loops to sorta get the things out of my head that that I didn’t want in there. Call it a mind-conditioning exercise, or what have you, it was therapeutic. Either way, through a suggestion of my girlfriend Hara, I began drawing women using the loopy lines. The following collection contains both loopy and normal drawing techniques. The drawings, by being therapeutic, really helped me come to a better place in my life.

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