Phish Pirate Ship NYE 2017 Madison Square Garden

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The Phish show for new years 2017-18 was awesome.

At one point they put up sails and make the entire stage look like a pirate ship. They kept tacking or turning them during the show and shined lights everywhere on the sails.

Everyone was given wristbands with led lights on them that were connected to a computer program which sequenced them.

The lights flashed on the wristbands in different colors to make the whole audience part of the light show.

They even fired cannons with disco balls in them at one point.

Really good show.

They did a good job of keeping the balloons off of the stage this year, too.

The sails were awesome.

At the end of the show, they let the sails just hang there and blow with the fans that were behind them.

It just looked like a cool piece of fabric.

Really great show.

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