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I have found a page on the web that talks

about how everyday is a miracle

when the sun comes up,

And you feel the morning breeze,

taste the coffee, whatever it is,

and feel the air in all of it’s clarity…

Just a page that reminds us to look at all

of the good stuff

around us

instead of

“manifesting negativity”

as in giving it attention, when

thinking of expands your awareness of it.

Because when we think of things

new connections are formed in our minds

connecting our thoughts.

A schemata is a group of connections in our mind that form concerning a certain area of knowledge.

When we think about negative things,

negative associations are made

actually making us more negative and not able to really enjoy life to the fullest, like we all should

in whatever way that truly makes us happy without hurting ourselves or anyone else.

Here’s the cool page:

Mind Body Green Webpage on Miracles

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