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Mini Poetry Slam (2 Versions)

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Along a drifting stream, running across the valley
a moonbeam tide washes it all away..
Sequences adrift in causal boundaries.
Music sequences deny the fast moving purpose.
Turquoise earrings move across the surface of her neck.
Beauty never ending, across space and time in layers.

Movie pauses, a great sarcasm of events in the mind’s eye.
Challenging a dove from beyond, a great letter from afar sits on the seat’s surface.
Now we intermingle in the new dew.

Mixtures of pauses in the great airy moment from in between.
Agrippa and a silent lair or fortress in the meantime.
Now we walk unaffected by nonsense, in the great boundary of newness.

A sure energy awaits in a total silent blossom or becoming of what once was.
In shoes caressing the deft palette of the usurper.

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