The Power of Belief

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Just simply believing in, accepting, and encouraging someone or something is extremely powerful; far more powerful than trying to change them to suit your own preferences. Just find someone who is alive to believe in and just support them. Instead of pointing fingers. Acceptance is the first step to understanding. Your own experience of the world is only a reflection of yourself. Take a low information diet. Believe me, it’s just simply fantabulous, and you never have to worry again about stuff you have no control over whatsoever ever again.

The world will be a better place with more positive energy and less negative thought out there. You have no idea how powerful it is when someone truly believes in you. Build someone else up rather than tearing down another. It makes all the difference in the world. To someone it means everything. You can influence an individual in a good way today just from the little things you do. Make the little things count. Be free. Just be happy. Me, I’m just a lil white guy that still has faith in humanity. I try to take a lil of the best from everything.



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