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Now they control our minds in ultra hi def resolution.

Don’t let them.

Here’s my lil two cents on some of the things a lot of us love so much in the so-called “reality” of today’s super hyped up and sorta off the chain culture. anyways, here you go yallzers:

Car = For real you guys it’s like a potential death trap that you actually get to pay like thousands of dollars for and stuff ???.That really makes sense, I mean, like, yeah. C’mon, seriously? Think about it. Duh. And everybody does it, so that makes it ok??? Not.

TV = A super hi tech brainwashing device that separates people from their true selves and others. It also really kinda makes them all sorta alike, you know? Jus sayin you guys.. Ha! I can definitely do without it.

Phone = Usually something that people call you on only when they want something, if at all, ever.. at least that’s been my experience with it. Or it can ring off the hook and sometimes get you in trouble.

And don’t forget to remember how it used to be……..



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