Challenging the Effervescent Flow of Fluidity

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Mini Poetry Slam (2 Versions)

Nuest: Look at this new pic and poem, yoserz..



Tied to a new aftermath of divinity

along a line in pause and sequence abruptly stopped

near the extreme liaison in your mind’s eye.

A shining bright emblem bears evidence of what was once before.

New Jim Beam mixtures line the balustrade lingering with precipitation on the lawn.

Growing mass of energy, aligned with a new mixture of weather affairs.

Leftover gargantuan mindset reveals the proper course to take.

For the rest of the day.

And until the new sequences shine down from above the mysteries in your mind.

And everything passes before our eyes with care and chest waving.

With the diaper settings balanced in a sweet division in the sky.



Rain in the Sky

for the rest of your days.

Into another gleaming space where it was left from a different day.

And a new balance derived from your sweater.

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