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The Celestine Prophecy, by James Redfield, was a book written at the turn of the millennium intended to help humans learn ways to evolve into a higher consciousness.
In the book, one of the insights is about the struggle for power.
There are four types of control dramas people use to “steal” energy from others as outlined in the fourth insight in the book.

The books states that humans compete for scarce human energy in the form of power and control over others in their lives.

There are four distinct types of what he calls control dramas, or ways humans psychologically steal power or energy from others to feel better:

1. Aloof. People hide and steal energy from others by remaining distant.
2. Interrogator. Always being critical of others and telling them that what they are doing is wrong.

^These two types go together, as often people who are criticized go into themselves, thus becoming aloof.

3. Poor me. Someone who is always complaining about their problems in order to steal energy in the form of sympathy.
4. Intimidator. This person uses violence, aggression, and fear to steal energy from the other person.

^These two types go together.

However, any two types can go together, or in any combination…

The book suggests, that instead of competing for this scarce human energy, we instead should tap into to a deeper underlying significance behind human interactions and relationships. I think it’s what we all know as love, knowledge, experience, meaning, and beauty. He calls it awareness.

You can preview the book here on Amazon:

The Celestine Prophecy: An Adventure

The book reads like a novel, but you learn and are exposed to the key ideas and insights in a very easy to understand way. A highly recommended read for anyone who struggles with a fear based lifestyle.

Also, here’s a link to further reading on the struggle for power:

Fourth Insight Study

And here is a link to an overview of all 12 of the insights, which I find quite interesting:


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