The Best Portable Bluetooth Speaker under $50

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I have just made a huge list of portable bluetooth speakers on my other site here:

So I have gone through and looked at a lot of different speakers, for like, hours.

Some glow, some have alarms, some have microphones, some have light shows, some are waterproof, and many have pretty good sound quality.

But the best and most reasonable one I have seen on there is by Altec Lansing:

Altec Lansing IMW477-CG Mini LifeJacket 2 Waterproof Portable Wireless Bluetooth Floatable Speaker with 30 ft Wireless Range, 10 Hours of Battery Life, and Onboard Microphone, Cool Grey

This little Altec Lansing speaker actually floats. You can just throw it in the pool and let it play. And it has a wireless range of 30 feet!

Plus it looks like it sounds really good, and it is from a trusted company.

Perfect for boats!

Listen to your miracle music on this!



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