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My Art:
1.Steven Yessick Original Oil Paintings 2000-2009: A Journey into the Abstract and Unknown
2.Pen and Ink Drawings; Pen Drawings: One Artist’s Amazing Drawings: Collected and Assembled from the Matrix of Reality
3.Mixed Media Graphics Art: Complete Digital Works (2009-2017): A Visual Journey Into the World of @yessickart Glitch Art Created from Mixed Media, Painting, and Photographic Imagery.
My Therapeutic Loops:
1.Yessickloops: My Kind of Loops: A Wild Ride full of Handmade Loops
2.Steven Yessick’s Loopy Ladies: Pen and Pencil Feminine Figurative Drawings Made with Loops
Art Theory:
1.Art Theory: On Painting, Architecture, and Other Visual Media: Including Creative Inspiration for Artists
2.How to Be More Creative: Simple Steps To Success Through the Power of Creativity
1.Vinrosevortex: Poetry 2009-2011
2.A Pattern of Flowers: Poems and Insights
3.The Magical Melodies of Night
4.The Mysteriously Beautiful Quality of Dusk..: A Book of Poetry by Steven Yessick
5.As the Wind Whispers through the Whipperwills…: Freestyle Poems and Writings by Steven Yessick (2000-2008)

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Fave Artists:
Lee Krasner
Shawqi Fuad
Damien Crisp
Ideas of the Dadaists
Victor Brauner
Anado Mclauchlin

Fave Architects:
Zaha Hadid
Office for Metropolitan Architecture
Frank Gehry
Daniel Liebeskind
Mies Van Der Rohe
Gaudi (Sagrada Familia)
Renzo Piano Architect of the Chattanooga Aquarium

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